🏁 Virtual Race #9 🏁
On Wednesday March 29th from 6pm, we organize the Virtual Race 9,
on board a 2022 F1 car on the new track of SPA Francorchamps 2022.

This race takes place as follows:

– Briefing
– Free trial
– Qualification
– Race
– Podium

The competition takes place in our simulation center and 24 participants have the chance to participate

⚠️ In order to have a minimum of knowledge between the car and the circuit during the races, it is really important and mandatory to come and train at least once in our center! For this type of training, we charge 20€ for one hour or 35€ for 2 hours.

During this training, you will be able to simulate your free practice, qualifying and even the race. You will also get advice on strategy, trajectory and piloting.

The different information about the race will be sent to you by email.

The registration fee for the Virtual Race is 35€, including a free drink.

⚠️ The registration of the pilot is confirmed only with the total payment of 35€, via the link of payment on line below.

Don’t forget that places are limited and reserved for the first 24 registered drivers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

online registration required